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Application for Employment

Have you lived anywhere else in the last 3 years?*

Experience and Qualitfications

Do you have experiences with any of the following vehicles?
Straight TruckTractor TrailerTractor Two TrailerOther

Have you been in any accidents in the last 5 years?*

Have you had any traffic convictions or forfeitures in the last 5 years?*

1. Have you ever been denied a license, permit or Privilege to operate a motor vehicle?

2. Has any license, permit, or privilege ever been suspended or revoked?

3. Were you subject to drug screenings per DOT regulations?

Prior Work Experience

Do you have any military experience?*

Max Character Limit: 240

Have You Worked Anywhere Else in the last 5 years?*

Driver Pre-Employment Questionnaire

Question 1: How many hours per day may a CDL driver drive behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle?
A. 10B. 12C. 14D. 16

Question 2: Steering tires on commercial vehicles must have the minimum of ____/32’s of tread.
A. 8B. 2C. 6D. 4

Question 3: Rear tires of a commercial vehicle must have a minimum of _____/32’s of tread.
A. 2B. 4C. 6D. 8

Question 4: Driving a vehicle with a Breath Alcohol Condition (BAC) of _____% or higher is considered driving while under the influence of alcohol.
A. 0.08%B. 0.02%C. 0.04%D. 0.06%

Question 5: If a CDL holder or a person who is operating a CMV refuses blood and/or breath testing they will have their CDL suspended up to _____ year(s).
A. 5B. 3C. 1D. None of the Above

Question 6: What item is an “Out of Service” item?
A. Cracked FrameB. Missing Steering LinkageC. Audible Air LeakD. All of the Above

Question 7: You are authorized to pass a school bus when?
A. Flashing Red LightsB. Flashing red lights 2 lane highwayC. Flashing red lights 4 lane highway with paved center turn laneD. Flashing red lights 4 lane highway with a grassy center divider

Question 8: How many minutes should you take to conduct a pre/post trip?
A. 30 secondsB. As long as it takes.C. 5 minutesD. 1 Hour

Question 9: In the state of Texas, CDL drivers must have ______ hours of rest before returning to duty?
A. 1 HourB. 5 HoursC. 8 HoursD. 24 Hours

Question 10: 10. In a seven-day work week, a driver is only allowed to work _____ max number of hours?
A. 14B. 24C. 34D. 70

Additional Information

This certifies that this application was completed by me, and that all entries on it and information in it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. As a part of the pre-employment hiring process, I further understand that information not disclosed or falsely represented by me will result in my immediate termination.

I Agree with the Statement Above